About Us

Mediro ICT is an Information Technology company operating in Southern and East Africa. We specialise in the provision of Information and Communication Technology products, services and solutions to corporate and public sector clients. We are qualified to operate highly complex, integrated applications, and to help align critical applications with a client’s evolving strategies and business goals. We offer solutions aimed at key business and IT challenges identified by companies today.

With countless satisfied repeat customers we continue to deliver services to a wide variety of corporate and public sector clients. Our focus is to provide services and solutions which best suit customer’s needs, budget and level of complexity. We are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about delivering value adding services and solving technology problems. Our high service standards and product recommendations take the guess work out of technology decisions and help clients get the most from their IT experience. Our common-sense and hands-on approach combines many years of experience in the delivery of IT in integrated systems. The approach has been proven and systematically refined over many years of assisting many companies to assess their current capability and define and implement effective, efficient IT solutions.

Our flexible service model and strong alliance relationships allow us to create solutions, which are tailored to specific needs of an organisation or business. Our clients benefits by having just a single point of accountability for all application and infrastructure-related issues, at a predictable and predetermined costs. We have strategic relationships with best-in-class Software vendors, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and outsourcing companies. These partners help augment our in-house capabilities so that they can empower clients obtain maximum value from their IT with lower business risks.

We are in business to be the leading and trusted provider of information technology solutions, products and services, creating enduring value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate. Our Brand Mediro ICT ‘s brand is unequivocal: We exist to perform, we do this with passion, precision and tenacity; from this approach we draw the confidence, which enables us to look beyond the obvious and to gain advantage for all our stakeholders.
Our Personality We are:
o Passionate
o Meticulous
o Confident
o Diligent

The principles that guide our behaviour to deliver our brand:
o Performance
o Trust
o Collaboration
o Innovation
o Client Centricity

What our stakeholders can expect from our brand:

o Excellence in idea generation and the ability to bring all our resources, knowledge and capabilities to bear in executing those ideas for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
o Relevant business and technology solutions and an understanding of our customer’s needs, adding value, building enduring trust and commitments.
o Acting responsibly today, having tomorrow in mind and demonstrating accountability and leadership.

To our Employees:

Mediro ICT will foster

o A more safe and healthy workplace
o A more diverse and inclusive workplace
o Ethical conduct and legal compliance
o Employ and retain people who have a high degree of awareness and expertise in sustainability for all disciplines practiced
o Provide continual education and training for all staff on sustainability & environmental issues relevant to the company’s business; and
o Support innovative approaches to the implementation of sustainability strategies on projects.

Mediro will drive

o Maintain management systems to assist with implementation of sustainability objectives;
o Aim to use resources efficiently and to minimise waste, usage of water, energy and other consumables in the office environment;
o Develop a strategy to move towards minimising carbon emissions in its operations;
o Endeavour to prevent pollution within the scope of its activities; and
o Develop a strategy for the company to move towards sustainable procurement of the goods and services used in its operations.
o A green Supply Chain
o Reduction in its supply Chain
o Reduction in its Carbon foot print,
o Reduction in its natural resource use

Our World

Mediro will elevate;

o Promote access to information technology
o Partner with organisations which practice sustainability and that enable the exchange of ideas and the promotion of sustainability leadership across its businesses; and
o Fund and work on community projects that achieve sustainability and environmental goals.

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