IT Service Automation Applications

IT Service Automation evolves the IT service model to deliver innovative business solutions and spend less time managing infrastructure overhead. Our solutions enable enterprise IT to replace redundant processes and fragmented service systems with a single system of record for IT − all powered by a single architecture. With IT Service Automation, you can automate manual tasks, standardise processes and consolidate legacy systems.

Our holistic approach to IT Service Automation offering covers the following disciplines amongst others:

o Asset Management
o Change and Release Management
o Configuration Management
o Discovery
o Incident Management
o IT Governance Risk and Compliance
o IT Cost Management
o Problem Management
o Service Catalog
o Vendor Performance Management

IT Service Automation has further evolved into a suite of solutions geared to support various additional areas of our customers IT and business requirements. Some of these additional solutions include:

o Demand Management
o Facilities Service Automation
o HR Service Automation
o Project Portfolio Management
o Resource Management
o Software Development Lifecycle


In order to ensure effective asset investment decision-making and to achieve sustainable results in business performance, companies must take a holistic approach with regards to Asset Lifecycle Management that addresses not only infrastructure assets, but also the supporting resources, business processes, data and enabling technologies that are critical to success.
Our approach to Asset Lifecycle Management enables vast amounts of asset data to be effectively managed and leveraged at a practical day-to-day business level. We provide an integrated, automated approachthat allows companies to achieve optimum performance and full asset potential.

Our Asset Lifecycle Management solutions cover the following disciplines:

o Agentless Software Inventory
o Inventory Management
o License Management
o License Metering
o Mobile Device Management
o Patch Management
o Policy Management
o SAP License Management
o Software Distribution


Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. Operations management is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.
In order for organisation to balance costs with efficiencies to achieve the highest net operating profit and customer staisfaction they must first understand what they have before being able to predict where they are going.

Taking this into account, our IT Operations Management solutions cover the following diciplines:
o Capacity Optimization
o Capacity Planning
o Cloud Capacity Management
o Virtualized Capacity Planning
o Capacity Modeling and Planning
o Big Data
o IT Operations Analytics
o Operational Visibility
o Real-time Business Insight
o Search & Investigation

Workload Automation
Modern job scheduling software focuses on getting the right data to the right systems in the right format at the right point in time. In short, job scheduling is the backbone of enterprise IT that integrates and centrally controls a growing number of enterprise applications and data sources. Due to the drastically increased requirements in terms of speed and flexibility and because of the dynamic and event driven nature of job scheduling today, "job scheduling" is now referred to as "workload automation".

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Dynatrace APM

User Experience Management
Your users’ experience directly impacts your success. When services are delayed or interrupted, your company’s reputation is on the line — even when the problem lies in a third-party service provider or cloud platform. User Experience Management from Dynatrace APM helps you focus on what really matters: your users’ actual experience of every interaction, from any device, application and location. It’s the only comprehensive, integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting application performance challenges no matter where they occur. Choose from four solutions with flexible deployment options, including cloud-based SaaS, on-premise, or a hybrid model according to your needs.

Application Monitoring
In today’s world, applications are the lifeblood of your business. When problems arise, reactive troubleshooting is no longer good enough. Dynatrace APM is a new generation of lightweight, always-on application monitoring that lets you move from reactive crisis mode to proactive management. Deliver faster applications, more quickly. Tame unruly applications before they become problems. And when problems arise, take control with 24/7 visibility into transactions and infrastructure, even in the most demanding environments. Powered by patented technologies, Dynatrace APM delivers all this with zero sampling, zero configuration and less than 2% overhead.

Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring
Dynatrace APM empowers IT Operations and Application Support teams to proactively identify and fix problems that impact application performance and end-user experience across the network, web, middleware, and database tiers. Powered by Data Center Real-User Monitoring technology, it passively collects network traffic, supporting the auto-discovery of all applications, servers and clients on the network. Analysis is performed on transactions, application usage, end-user experience, and more. It is the only solution that delivers application and network-layer insight across the industry’s most extensive set of enterprise environments, including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Citrix-hosted applications, and many others.

Lifecycle Performance Management
Modern application development requires close collaboration across development, test, production and support teams. Yet all too often, these teams work in isolation, relying on disconnected tools and data to fix business-critical problems. Dynatrace APM Lifecycle Management lets you break down departmental silos with a shared view of performance, optimized for each role on your team. Keep teams informed and focused with role-specific dashboards. Deliver faster, more responsive apps more quickly and predictably. And work more effectively with remote teams and third-party vendors. Only Dynatrace APM provides the deep, granular insight teams need to understand performance, across all tiers and 100% of transactions.

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Compuware empowers the world's largest companies to excel in the digital economy by fully leveraging their high-value mainframe intellectual property. We do this by delivering highly innovative mainframe application development and performance optimization solutions that uniquely enable IT to drive business value.

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Mediro offers industry expertise and a comprehensive suite of services to help customers address every aspect of their card and digital credential needs.
Card ServicesWe are a leading provider of secure ID credentials, from non-technical cards with visual security features to multi-technology, chip-based smart cards , HID Mediro delivers a comprehensive suite of services to help customers address every aspect of their card-based secure identity solutions. Whether customers are looking to outsource the daily flow of ID card badge requests, faced with the daunting task of re-badging employees or looking to combine multiple technology platforms onto one card, Mediro offers the expertise and speed to get the job done


As exciting opportunities with mobile technologies continue to evolve, Mediro offers HID Global’s patented technology for over-the-air provisioning of customer’s existing physical access control credentials and authentication tokens onto mobile devices, including NFC mobile phones. HID's Secure Identity Services platform also provides the ability for customers to issue and manage digital credentials on NFC mobile phones within a secure access network.

From large corporate enterprises and medium-sized companies to small firms, businesses of varying sizes around the world are realizing the power of smart cards beyond physical access. Unlike the commonly used photo ID badge, a smart card is essentially a tiny computer, capable of containing its own processor and providing 128 KB of memory. Smart cards can now incorporate an embedded photo, a PIN or password, and application data along with a biometric (such as fingerprints or iris scans).
With the increased capabilities, companies are using smart cards for logical access, multi-factor identification, time/attendance, debit functions, cashless vending and subject history – all in one card.
A single HID Global smart card can be configured to support an individual business’ needs, whether basic or more sophisticated, for either centralized card issuance or networked for distributed issuance across different locations. Corporations can further extend the use of these secure smart cards to cost-effectively and conveniently solve additional business problems that occur in the future as the cards “do more then just open the door.”
Mediro offers an extensive portfolio of access and identification-related applications and solutions that can help any size of business maintain operational efficiency and reduce costs while providing optimum security for their facilities and properties.

Secure Online and Mobile Banking
For more than a decade, HID Global technology has enabled regional and global banks to provide their customers secure and convenient online and mobile banking. With HID technology, institutions can inspire confidence and increase adoption of online channels by offering customers a worry-free, secure and convenient experience, which in turn contributes to their bottom line.
The HID Identity Assurance portfolio makes it easy for financial institutions to deploy the layered security solution that best meets their diverse needs and complies with heightened regulatory requirements.
With Mediro financial service organizations can cost-effectively deliver trust to their retail, corporate, private banking and insurance services that:

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